LHWs demand representation in ‘regurgitation committee’

Karachi: Chairperson All Pakistan Lady Health Workers Employees Association Sindh Khair-un-Nisa Memon on Monday urged the Sindh Health Sectary to ensure proper representation of Karachi Lady Health Workers in the regularization committee.

She said Provincial Sectary Health Iqbal Durrani has constituted a committee comprising the representatives of Lady Health Workers Association Karachi and from interior Sindh for regularization of 24,000 lady health workers of Sindh province a few weeks ago.

She, however, said unfortunately they have come to know that the some office-bearers of committee suggested the Health Secretary to oust the Karachi health workers association’s representatives from the committee. She said such step would tantamount of rubbing salt into the wounds of lady health workers, who have a lot of sacrifices in the line of duty.

Khair-un-Nisa said there are 4,000 lady health workers in Karachi who administrated polio drops to the children in city despite many threats. She said if the government fails to give proper representation to them, they would compel to decide future of line of action.

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