Malaysian universities demand rises

KARACHI: Thirteen of the best public and private higher educational institutes in Malaysia are showcased by North Pole International at a two day exhibition which opened Saturday, at a local hotel in Karachi and will continue Sunday, February 16, 2014 from 11:00am to 6:00pm. The Exhibition is also endorsed by the Malaysian High Commission in Pakistan.

The Study Malaysia Education Exhibition, now in its 11th edition manage to draw a sizeable crowd today mainly high school students mostly accompanied by their parents looking at the options available in Malaysia suiting their career options and study budgets. While majority of these students are looking for September/October intakes offered by these Universities, they were mainly thrilled to see the presence of representatives from each Malaysian University to answer their queries and explain admission procedures.

The event earlier was opened by the Counsel General of Malaysia, His Excellency Mr. Abu Bakar Mamat in the presence of local media and eager students who were waiting in numbers before the start of the show. Speaking on the occasion, the Counsel General of Malaysia in Karachi praised the efforts of North Pole International Managing Director Mr. Babar Bashir Ahmad who has promoted Malaysia as a top study destination in Pakistan through his events and constant marketing. He also expressed his satisfaction over the quality of these events and branding to ensure people in Pakistan are aware about Malaysian Education through the right channel. Talking to the media he also pointed out the high standards, commitment and satisfaction Malaysian High Education institutes have ensured in the last decade for international students.

“Malaysia is serious and committed to the cause of education and programmes on offer in our Universities and higher institutions of learning meet international standards, which is why we have over 97,000 foreign students presently studying in the country.” According to him the target is to reach 100,000 foreign students base soon.

North Pole International’s Managing Director Mr. Babar Bashir explained that Malaysia has emerged as one of the main education markets in Pakistan due to several advantages and this is evident from the fact that over 3,000 Pakistanis have chosen Malaysia as study destination in last 3 to 4 years. He described affordable tuition fee and cost of living as major factors behind the rise of Malaysian Education in Pakistan. “Malaysia has become a preferred destination for students from around the world due to number of factors including affordable tuition, immigration laws, quality options, degrees awarded in collaboration partner Universities in UK, Australia, USA, etc., diverse cultures and hospitable Malaysian people.”

He said average yearly tuition fee in Malaysia is $6000 compared to $22,000 and 14,000 in the US and UK respectively while student’s average yearly cost of living in Malaysia is $4000 against $13000-$15000 in the US and UK at average & still students get same British or Australian degree while studying in Malaysia.

The exhibition will next move to Islamabad where the event is planned at Islamabad Hotel on Feb 18, 2014 before concluding at Avari Hotel, Lahore with another 2 days event on Feb 20 & 21, 2014.

Foreign students aspiring for quality and affordable international degrees now look to Asian countries and Malaysia is fast becoming a higher education hub in Asia. Malaysia ranks 8th World wide as a preferred destination for international students by the United Nation Education Science and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO). The high standard and excellent facilities Malaysian Universities provide have been key to attracting many foreign students.

Touted as the emerging hub of higher education in South East Asia, Malaysia presently has 21 public Universities, 5 branch campuses of UK and Australian Universities and more than 33 private Universities and over 500 higher education institutes that provide a diverse range of courses in various areas of specialisations.

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