Massive anti-privatization movement soon

KARACHI: Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) will launch a massive anti-privatization movement after taking political parties and trade unions into confidence. This was announced by JI Chief Syed Munawar Hasan while addressing a crowded press conference at Idara-e-Noor Haq here on Sunday. JI Karachi Chief Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman, Naib Ameers JI Karachi Muslim
Pervez, Muzaffar Hashmi, Information Secretary Zahid Askari, General Secretary PASLU Zafar Khan, General Secretary PIACE Union Obaidullah and other leaders of trade unions were also present on the occasion.

Speaking at the press conference, Munawar Hasan said that the JI has decided to take into streets against the privatization, adding that the party has evolved a strategy to initiate countrywide peaceful protests against the privatization of the national institutions.

He said when the government has failed to fulfil its promises made before the election has decided to privatize the national institutions for spreading corruption, unemployment and lawlessness.

Munawar Hasan further informed that the government through a letter by Finance Minister Ishaq Dar and Governor State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) Yaseen Anwar to IMF stated that a consensus has been made with all political parties and parliament to privatize the national institutions. “They misguided the IMF by telling lie that the Council of Common Inertest (CCI) and all political parties have agreed upon for privatization of national institutions”, JI Chief condemned.

On the occasion, Hasan demanded that the issue of privatization must be raised in Parliament and a committee should be formed which review the performance of privatized institutions.
JI Chief informed the media that a meeting of the representatives of all political parties and trade unions under the aegis of JI is to be scheduled on Jan, 16, adding that a convention in this regard has already been conducted in Lahore in which all political parties and trade unions had agreed upon to initiate joint struggle against the privatization of the national institutions.

Hasan termed the non-payment of salaries to the employees and unemployment “an act of state terrorism, adding that it is one of the forms to ignite terrorism.

Commenting on Musharraf trial, JI Chief said that it is imperative to support judicial trial against dictator till its conclusion, adding that the judiciary should adopt transparency in the treason case against former army chief.

Replying to a question, Hasan said that the Rangers should reveal the political affiliation of the criminals being arrested during operation. He further termed the Karachi operations, a “decoration” and not more than that.

Speaking at the occasion, JI Karachi Chief Hafiz Naeem said that the government wants to privatize 68 national institutions, out of which eight are running in profit. “The JI will continue its struggle against the privatization and in the interest of the labours of the country”, he confirmed.

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