Measles cases on rise in city

Karachi: Senior pediatrician Dr Aisha Mehnaz on Thursday said about 10 to 15 measles affected children are being brought to the Civil Hospital Karachi Unit-1 on daily basis. Talking to PPI, she said many of these children are not immunized for measles, adding these children are mostly coming from Lyari and its adjoining areas. She said some children are suffering from pneumonia which is a complication of measles. She said the peak season of measles viral disease starts from every December and continues till March in the country.

She explained that there are three pediatric units in the hospital and about 10 to 15 children with measles viral disease are being brought in just one unit at its Outpatient Department (OPD). She said with the starts of peak season the number of measles disease cases is increasing day by day and average 5 to 6 children are being admitted in the hospital for treatment of measles.

She said generally parents avoid to get vaccinated their children which causes increase in these cases in the city, adding the situation might be worse in the far-flung areas of Sindh province. She said the two vaccinations could save children from this disease for whole life.

Dr Ayesha said symptoms of measles are runny nose, inflamed eyes and fever. She said vaccination of children is only way to save them from measles. She said children who do not get vaccination could face pneumonia and malnutrition. She said measles is an infectious disease which could affects other persons too.

She said measles rashes appear initially on face and later spread on whole body of the affected children. She informed that only one child could catch measles out of 1,000 after vaccination, while other hand about 500 children could affect from disease out of every 1,000 who did not get vaccination.

She said there is no specific treatment for measles, but only vaccination could prevent children from this disease. She said government has established vaccination centers across the province to facilitate people, but unfortunately masses are not availing the facility.

She advised the parents to get their children vaccinated against infectious and deadly diseases at vaccination centers across the country.

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