Minister warns of action against wheat adulteration

KARACHI: Provincial Minister for Food Jam Mehtab Hussain Daher said on Sunday that unhygienic wheat could only be used for animals and birds, and its use for any other purpose is a crime.

In a statement, he said that no one would be allowed to mix unhygienic wheat with healthy wheat. He took notice of news pertaining to adulterating unhygienic wheat with good quality wheat in the godowns of Khairpur Nathan Shah and also ordered inquiry into it.

“If this news proves true, then action would be taken against the elements and flour mills involved in this crime,” the minister warned.

He said that a transparent way had been set for sale of unhygienic wheat harmful for human beings. “Several steps have been taken to stamp out corruption from food department, the result of which will soon emerge,” he asserted.

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