MQM workers transfer to interior Sindh jails flayed

KARACHI: MQM’s Rabita Committee has condemned the transfer of captive MQM’s workers from Karachi Jail to jails in the interior of Sindh in the strongest possible terms. They have termed it grave violation of basic human rights. In a statement issued from Karachi they have termed it a biased and unjust action.

“Before this transfer they have transferred MQM’s captive workers to Mach Jail in Baluchistan too. Now they have transferred some of MQM workers to jails in the interior Sindh. The biased and prejudiced jail administration are subjecting them to inhume torture. This has caused anxiety and mental stress among the family members of workers,“ Rabita Committee said.

“MQM has shown patience and restrain despite the continued illegal detention and killings of its workers and supporters. They are arresting and transferring MQM workers to remote areas instead of arresting the killers of workers. MQM reserves the right to protest over the transfer. They should be shifted back to Karachi jail immediately,“ Rabita Committee said.

Rabita Committee has asked the elected representatives of MQM in the Sindh Assembly to protest over the transfer strongly and informed the people of the country about the government’s repression and tyranny on workers and their families.

They have made a demand to the Governor and the Chief Minister of Sindh to take the transfer order back immediately.

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