National Bridge Championship begins today

Karachi: The 20th edition of National Bridge Championship begins today (Thursday) at Lahore Gymkhana Card Room in Lahore. A total of 22 teams from all over Pakistan will be vying for the top honours. Out of the 22 teams, eight teams are from Karachi, four from Islamabad, eight from the host city and two teams have a combination of players from Lahore and Karachi.

The teams that stand out because of their past form are Deuce, Allana, Data Steel from Karachi and Giants from Lahore.

And bridge champions of note who are likely to light up the championship are Sheikh Muqeet, Anwar Qizalbash, Tanvir Mazhar, Farhat Abbas (Deuce Team), Tahir Masud, Sarfraz Khan, A.R.Allana, Gulzar Bilal, Hassan Askari (Allana Team),Tariq Rashid, Rashid ul Ghazi, Pervaiz Mirza, Shakeel Chandna (Data Steel), Tahir Abbas, Hamid Zaman, Shauq Hussain, Masood Mazhar, Kamran Ibrahim, Azahar Ali(Giants Team).

On the first day of the championship, the pair’s event will be contested over two sessions with 28 boards to be played in each session. As for the team Championship, the competition will commence on the second day on Friday and all teams will be divided into two groups and based on performance four teams will be selected from each group while others will stand weeded out.

On the third day on Saturday, the qualification rounds will be completed and on the final day on Sunday, four top teams will face the four top teams of the other group over four rounds.

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