National Party blames PPP for Lyari situation

KARACHI: President National Party Meer Hasil Khan Bizenjo said on Monday that Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) is responsible for the violence and killings in Lyari. Addressing a press conference at Karachi Press Club, he said that all the people of Lyari, whether Balochis, Sindhis or Muhajirs, are disturbed for some political reasons.

Bizenjo said: “Lyari has been made a battlefield, where nobody feels safe. Hence, many people of the area have locked their houses and shops to migrate to other places. This kind of scenario cannot be seen in any other area of Pakistan.”

He said that we firmly believe that Sindh government was responsible for that situation. “If Sindh government had tried to resolve the law and order problem in Lyari, bringing peace would not have been difficult.”

He alleged that PPP was using Lyari groups for their political benefits that was why it was not taking serious action against them. “PPP has become infamous among masses for these kinds of policies.”

We demand that Lyari, which is suffering for the last two decades, should be given all the basic facilities on emergency basis, he said.

“Since 1970, PPP candidates have won almost all seats from Lyari, but it has done no significant work for the people of this troubled area of Karachi,” Bizenjo concluded.

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