Need stressed to improve Pakistan, Uganda trade relations

Karachi: East African countries particularly Uganda have great potential for Pakistani products but their presence is very nominal there. The share of Pakistan in Uganda and in the entire East African Countries needs to be enhanced by aggressive marketing, exchange of trade delegations and participation in Trade Fairs.

This was stated by Zakria Usman President FPCCI in a meeting with Ambassador of Uganda held at Federation House which was also attended by Shaukat Ahmed Sr Vice President, Khurram Saeed & Mazher A Nasir Vice Presidents FPCCI.

While commenting on the present economic relations between Pakistan and Uganda Zakria proposed removal of bottlenecks barriers hampering promotion of bilateral trade. He also pointed out that due to lack of interaction the business community is not aware about the progress and incentives being offered by both the countries. Uganda and East African countries need Pakistani rice, textile, pharmaceutical, surgical, sports goods, leather goods, hall food including juices, meat and ready to cook food, home appliances including pedestal fans, water pumps, washing machines, refrigerators etc. Both the countries can also collaborate in agriculture and agri products and machinery, Zakria added.

Shaukat Ahmed, Khurram Saeed and Mazher Nasir also pointed out the banking and customs issues which are major impediments in bilateral trade with Uganda. They also discussed the possibility of holding specialized trade exhibitions of Pakistani products particularly pharmaceutical, rice, textile and home appliances, besides participation in Kampala Trade Fair which is the annual trade event of Uganda. They suggested that the volume of bilateral trade is only possible through frequent exchange of trade delegations.

The Ambassador of Uganda informed that China, Turkey and Iran have aggressively penetrated in Uganda and East African countries by strong presence of their products. He informed that the economy of Uganda is liberal and there is no restriction on remittance and repatriation of foreign exchange. He urged upon the Pakistani Entrepreneur to have a major share of East African market which is full of potential. He further suggested that the Embassy of Uganda can facilitate the Pakistani companies interested in penetration of Uganda market.

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