No division of Sindh to be tolerated: Palijo

KARACHI: President Qaumi Awami Tehreek (QAT) Ayaz Latif Palijo on Thursday said that people of Sindh would never compromise on their province and would sacrifice their lives for its integrity if needed.

Addressing meet the press program at Karachi Press club, he said that they would never accept division of Sindh into south and north, one and two or urban and ruler, but the province would always remain one and united. “We are even not ready to listen to a word about division of Sindh,” he maintained.

The nationalist leader claimed that some international powers wanted to make a new Israel in this region and those who were conspiring against integrity of Sindh were actually working on the agenda on those powers.

Highlighting deteriorating situation of education and health sectors in rural Sindh, he said that for ending a collision like situation between urban and rural Sindh, it was imperative to uplift the backward areas of the province. “I am inviting all political parties to play their role for progress of interior Sindh,” he added.

He lamented that Sindh was rich in natural resources but still people of the province were under poverty and backwardness. “Sindh is producing 71% natural gas of the country but every other day the province was facing closure of CNG,” he asserted.

Flaying Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, he said Hosh Muhammad Shedi had practically struggled against British imperialism, but Bilawal’s fighting for Sindh cause was limited only to twitter, so he could not become a true hero like Shedi.

He also talked about government and Taliban dialogue and welcomed regime’s policy and constitution of four-member committee for talk with Taliban, but said that it would be better if Sindh and Balochistan provinces were also taken on board and given representation in the committee.

To a question, he said Sindhi nationalist parties had been limited to issue based politics but QAT had now quit this kind of politics. “We have decided not to be used by others and would keep focused on real issues facing people and raise voice for their right on regular basis,” he concluded.

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