PFUJ protests killing of journalist near Larkana

KARACHI: PFUJ President Afzal Butt and Secretary General Khurshid Abaasi have condemned the killing of journalist Shan in Badah Town near Larkana and termed it heinous act against media.

In a joint statement, they said Shan’s murder exposed the government’s failure to safeguard the lives of journalists. “Pakistan has been declared 3rd most dangerous country of the world for media persons as a large number of journalists have been killed since 2001 while performing duty of reporting but the security organizations have miserably failed to nab the culprits and provide safety to media persons,” said Butt and Abbasi.

Abbasi said: “Journalists community has been shocked by the target killing of a colleague on the eve of New Year. “Government has failed to protect the lives of journalists. If government had taken any notice of the target killings of journalists in past, such incident can be avoided. The PFUJ will fight for the security of journalists at all platforms,” Abbasi said.

On the call of PFUJ, affiliated unions organized protest demonstrations in respective cities. In Islamabad, Federal Capital, Rawalpindi Islamabad

Union of Journalists staged protest outside PFUJ secretariat.

A large number of journalists from twin cities were present; they chanted slogans against government failure to provide security to media. They demanded to apprehend culprits in earliest and provide relief to victim family.

In Gujranwala, President PFUJ Afzal Butt attended the protest demonstration organized by Gujranwala Union of Journalists (GUJ). Addressing the journalists, President PFUJ said, “Journalists in all over Pakistan are shocked by the news of attack on colleague on very 1st day of New Year. The killing of journalist is a brutal attack on media. Pakistan already has been declared as one of the most dangerous countries of the world for journalists. The murder of journalist Shan hints some serious threats ahead for journalists.”

Butt urged government to trace assailants immediately and take appropriate steps to arrest the culprits and produce the evidences before court for speedy justice to restore the confidence of media community on government claims for ensuring security for media persons.

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