PIMA demands immediate release of salaries to JPMC doctors

Karachi: President Karachi, Pakistan Islamic Medical Association PIMA Dr. Salman Ghouri has demanded immediate release of salaries to the doctors, HOs, and GPs of Jinnah Hospital, as they have not been paid their salaries for the last five months.

Yet the doctors are working tirelessly for the sake of poor patients. He also urged the government to take notice of shortage of medicines at the hospital which culminated by dint of the stay order taken by the director of Jinnah Hospital.

While chairing a meeting of PIMA, Dr. Salman Ghouri said Jinnah Hospital is a main source of healthcare to poor patients who come here from across the country, so any disturbance including shortage of medicines and frozen salaries of the doctors would ultimately affect the treatment to patients.

He urged the government to take notice and resolve the issue of salaries on immediate basis so that relief could be provided to doctors as well as patients. He said doctors are also part of the society and salary is their economic right, so any action to violate their right is not in the favour of patients as well Jinnah Hospital.

He said the poor patients come here for treatment and they do not care about whether hospital is under federal government or provincial government; what they need is good healthcare facilities and treatment.

He said the stay order taken by Dr Seemi Jamali against the devolution of this hospital from federal domain would not help. This matter should be resolved at the earliest and concerned authorities and government should intervene so doctors could get their salaries and shortage of medicine be controlled, he added.

He said Karachi is very sensitive city and Jinnah hospital plays critical role in day to day healthcare facilities in the time of emergencies, so the government should take much needed step to checkmate any untoward incident.

Any disturbance in Jinnah Hospital will ultimately hit the poor masses while in case of doctors’ protest this situation could go worse, he said.

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