PML-Q leader opposes division of Sindh

KARACHI: President Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) Haleem Adil Sheik said on Tuesday that there is no number two in Sindh as we all are Pakistanis.

He was addressing a press conference on ongoing statements of political leader about Sindh, at Karachi Press Club. He called discussion by two big political parties on Sindh as futile.

Sheik said that they only believed in Pakistan Card and reject all formulas of diving Sindh.

To a question, he said that they were not against equal distribution of resources and supported this demand but strongly condemned the demands of division of Sindh.

Jaafar-ul-Hassan, Akhtar Pervez, Abdul Latif Rind, Agha Rafeeullah and Fareeda Leghari were also present on the occasion.

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