Poor sanitary conditions in bazaars expulse buyers

Karachi: Dismal sanitary conditions on market and bazaar areas of Karachi are driving away customers resulting in losses for traders, said Mehmood Hamid, president All Pakistan Organization of Small Traders and Cottage Industries (APOST&CI) Karachi chapter.

He said overflowing gutters in market areas, particularly in Saddar, Burns Road, Tower and Old City areas have become nuisance for shopkeepers and buyers. He said due to foul smell and free running gutter water on streets many consumers avoid even visiting these areas. He said the government agencies do not take action to open the chocked gutter lines and get the garbage lifted regularly despite complaints.

The main food street of Burn Road also suffers due to sheer unhygienic conditions due to overflowing gutters and uncollected litter. The local traders have to hire private sanitary staff to open closed gutter lines. They say many health conscious families now do not visit the eateries of Burns Road due to poor sanitary conditions.

Mehmood Hamid said it is responsibility of the local government institutions to keep the roads and streets clean. He said sanitary conditions in markets and public places should be given closer focus as thousands of people visit these areas and they can easily catch germs of diseases from these dirty areas.

He said besides poor sanitary conditions the market areas also witness agonizing traffic jams due to rampant encroachments, but again the government authorities are not serious to solve this issue despite several complaints and reminders. He said now the buyers of Karachi have more choices as they can visit superstores and big chain stores opened in almost every locality. He said the net sufferers are the small traders of traditional old markets and bazaars. He requested the local government authorities to ensure proper sweeping, garbage lifting and maintenance of sewerage lines in the market areas to facilitate consumers and shopkeepers. He also appealed to remove encroachments to help ending traffic jams on the city streets.

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