Prevalence of throat cancer among youth high

KARACHI: Sheesha has become fashion among youth and is increasing day by day. This was stated by Qaisar Sajjad, a senior doctor, while addressing a seminar on Oral Cancer, organized by Youth Affairs Department’s Youth Health Awareness Program (YHAP), Sindh government, in Shaheed-e-Millat College FB Area. such seminar was also held in 10 schools.

Qaiser said throat cancer is harmful disease because it spread via Gutka, Tobacco smoking and manpuri. “Our youngsters should be kept away from such health hazard items.”

Using Sheesha for one hour is dangerous and is equivalent to 100 cigarettes, said Riaz Ahmed Siddiqui. “40% tobacco and 60% essence is used in sheesha.”

Saleem Ahmed, a project director, said Oral Cancer is increasing among youth in our country. Program Coordinator Ms Zakia said the government should ban all items of tobacco including Gutka and mainpuri , and take prompt action against those selling it.

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