Sharjeel calls on Sindh governor

Karachi: Provincial Minister for Information and Local Bodies Sharjeel Inam Memon called on Governor Sindh Dr Ishrat-ul-Ibad Khan on Tuesday at Governor House.

Memon briefed the governor about affairs pertaining of local bodies and development projects in detail. He said various development projects were underway in the city and other parts of Sindh province, while few of them were in final phase and people would get relief after the completion of these projects.

He also took the governor into confident about the steps taken by local bodies ministry. He told the governor that all important steps were being taken to resolve the problems and difficulties facing the masses in the province.

The sanitation staff of local bodies department was also striving hard in day and night for cleanliness work, Sharjeel concluded.

Ibad said provision of relief to general public was the top priority of government and steps should be taken to provide early and durable relief to the people. He said local body institutions had direct link to public, so the poor and good performance of institutions affects the government.

He said performance of local body institutions was an important tool to judge the political will. He stressed the need of timely completion of development projects as well the early starting of work on approved projects. He also stressed for early steps to resolve the increasing traffic related problems in the city.

Dr Ishrat directed the minister for local bodies to ensure the cleanliness of Karachi city in order to save people from difficulties. He said new mega projects should be launched in the city and other parts of Sindh province.

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