Sharmila says local artists invited in Sindh Festival

KARACHI: Coordinator to Chief Minister Sindh Sharmila Farooqui on Wednesday rejected claims that local artists were not invited in Sindh Festival 2014 and said that the event was organized to propagate and prosper the culture of the province.

Presiding a high level meeting at her office: Farooqui said that the folk singers and artists of the province were invited at the event and allegations that the local people were not invited in the event was not correct. “Famous artist: Shahnila Ali: will perform at Cultural Village on February 9 while more than 100 folk artists and singers will participate in the several events including Sufi Night: Basant Night: Arts Festival: Sindh Music Mela: Ghazal night and closing ceremony of the Sindh Festival.”

She said that the government would bear the expenses of travel: residence: and other facilities to the artists. Sharmila Farooqui said that the artists that would participate in the festival include: Ustad Ahmed Ali-singer: Arbab Khoso: Gulab: Jai Ram Jogi: Mehrab: Saeen Dad: Abdullah and several others.

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