Sindh govt to arrest 45 criminals with Interpol help: Sharjeel

KARACHI: Sindh government has decided to approach the Interpol for arresting and bringing the criminals from foreign countries that were released on parole during the government of former Sindh chief minister Dr Arbab Ghulam Rahim.

Sindh Minister for Information, Archives and Local Government Sharjeel Inaam Memon shared this information with the newsmen in a press briefing at Sindh Chief Minister (CM) House here Wednesday.

The press briefing was followed by a high level meeting at CM House chaired by Sindh CM Syed Qaim Ali Shah to review the law and order situation, progress of law enforcement agencies and other authorities concerned. The minister had thus briefed the newsmen about the discussions held and decisions taken in that meeting.

The minister said that in order to maintain law and order and cleanse the port city of the criminals, the meeting took a decision to contact the Interpol for arresting 45 criminals that were released from jail on parole during the previous government of Dr Arbab Ghulam Rahim and the released criminals had fled from the country.

He said that the LEAs had apprised the meeting in details about the progress according to which the agencies had nabbed around 12,000 criminals from the metropolis on various charges of crimes and terrorism.

The minister said that the meeting had further decided to approach the Sindh High Court’s Chief Justice for trying the cases of high profile criminals in other provinces in anti-terrorism courts.

The hardened criminals would also be shifted to jails in other provinces and the LEAs had been directed to expedite their efforts for bringing the absconders to the task at the earliest.

The meeting also reviewed the progress of the prosecution regarding submission of challans of the arrested criminals. Sindh provincial government would appoint private lawyers for speedy trail of the arrested hardened criminals.

The meeting was of the opinion that the Defence of Pakistan Ordinance that was promulgated by the President was lacking implementation. The said ordinance had made it mandatory that the ATCs would ensure speedy trial of the arrested hardened criminals and say their judgments in a week, which was unfortunately not observed.

Sharjeel said that in order to block all illegal mobile phone SIMs, the meeting decided to take the mobile phone network companies on board once again so that the menace should be curbed once for all.

The menace of illegal mobile phone Sims had widely been used in crimes and terrorism in the metropolis. The mobile phone network companies had apprised the apex court during hearing of the Karachi lawlessness case at the Karachi Registry that they would block all such illegal mobile phone SIMs and would apply a bio-metric system for the issuance of new Sims to the subscribers.

However, the Federal Government had not yet formulated any strategy in that regard. Sindh provincial government would ask the mobile phone network companies to block all such illegal mobile phone Sims and adopt a new strategy to scrutinize the valid mobile phone Sims from the beginning. In that regard, the Sindh provincial government would force the implementation of its decisions, he added. He said that he had also discovered that 7 illegal mobile phone SIMs were issued on his name.

The minister said that those 45 criminals that were released on parole during the previous government of Dr Arbab Ghulam Rahim had completed their parole time limits in 2008 but they were still at large and in that regard, Sindh provincial government had issued stern directives to the LEAs to arrest them and those that had fled abroad would be brought back with the help of Interpol.

“All the 45 criminals had affiliated to a political party of Sindh. Particulars of those 45 criminals including their snaps would also be issued to the press and media while Sindh Home Department had been issued directives to fix bounty on the high profile criminals. for their arrests whether dead or alive.”

He said that Sindh provincial government could not give any time limit for the completion of the ongoing targeted operation in the metropolis; however, Sindh provincial government was determined to cleanse the city from the criminals no matter whether it would take 6 or more years to accomplish that target. Sindh provincial government was also determined to bring the 457 terrorists to task and in that regard would not compromise over their political affiliations.

He had categorically rejected the idea of formation of a monitoring committee for the ongoing targeted operation in the city. He said that the LEAs had recovered variety of weapons from the possession of the arrested hardened criminals, which was used in target killings of clerics and religious scholars.

He said that the case of Wali Khan Babar was being delayed due to failure of the counsels of the accused in court. He said that Sindh provincial government had not yet decided about registering a case against Dr Arbab Ghulam Rahim.

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