SIUT conducts workshop on developmental anomalies

Karachi: A week-long workshop organized by the Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT) to discuss disorders of sexual developmental concluded here Friday with renowned overseas medical experts calling upon both parents and doctors that problem needs attention at an early stage.

Two visiting experts including Professor Faisal Ahmad from Glasgow and internationally acclaimed surgeon Philip Ransley presided over the proceedings of the workshop. Other participants included surgeons, urologists, nephrologists, psychologists and social scientists representing Aga Khan Hospital and NICH and other medical institutions.

Experts while discussing the problem said “sexual development disorder as an ailment often declared a rare condition but they are complex issue which generates untold miseries to both patients and families.

They said giving the present birth rate and population of Pakistan it is estimated that one child is born every day with one of these problems.

The experts continued that in some situation the abnormality can be associated with severe metabolic disorder leading to life threatening conditions in infancy.

Participants while lauding the efforts of SIUT in taking a lead to focus a vital medical issue appreciated that the idea of bringing various experts under one roof to discuss a medical cum social issue which deserved medical care and sympathetic attention before it is too late.

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