Son of naib qasid gets job on intervention of ombudsman

Karachi: On the orders and intervention of Provincial Ombudsman Sindh, Asad Ashraf Malik, the son of a Naib Qasid has been appointed in revenue department on ‘son quota’.

Wife of a Naib Qasid, late Muhammad Ali, had filed a complaint with the Ombudsman Sindh to provide a job to her son on ‘son quota’. She said his deceased husband who died on 16.10.2010 served as Naib Qasid in the office of Mukhtiarkar Samaro.

She said she had given application to the concerned authorities to appoint her son Rajab Ali as Naib Qasid on son quota of deceased employees but no action was taken.

After intervention of the Ombudsman office Deputy Commissioner Umerkot forwarded application to the Commissioner Mirpurkhas requesting him for issuance of appointment order for the post of Naib Qasid on deceased quota.

Commissioner Mirpurkhas recommended the appointment of complainant’s son to the Senior Board of Revenue Sindh, Hyderabad. Investigation Officer issued various reminders to the concerned authorities in this regard and advised the Deputy Commissioner Umerkot to expedite action and send progress report. Following Ombudsman intervention the grievances was finally redressed.

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