Sports: Hockey: PHF is harming the national sport: Samiullah

Karachi: Former hockey Olympian Samiullah said that the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) is harming the national sport and the recent ‘bogus’ elections would further damage the beleaguered game.

“Who can call these elections as elections as top slots went to the officials of the previous setup even when their performance was far from satisfactory,” Samiullah told PPI.

Samiullah said that none of his fellow Olympians participated in the elections as they all believe that only a neutral ad-hoc committee could arrange free and fair elections. Many former Olympians including legendary Islahuddin, Shahnaz Sheikh, Samiullah and many others have joined hands against the unsuccessful federation.

“With these results, our apprehensions have proved correct. The person, who was the coach of the team, which even failed to qualify for the World Cup, has been elected president of the federation ‘unopposed’. It was all expected as the same people conducted scrutiny of the clubs, who were part of the previous setup” he explained.

Former Olympians Akhtar Rasool and Rana Mujahid, who were a part of the previous PHF setup in different capacities, have been elected as President and Secretary unopposed.

Samiullah said if these same people continue to stay at the helm of hockey affairs in the country then he believes the future of the national sport is bleak.

However, many former legendary Olympians including Samiullah have registered a case against federation’s allegedly ‘bogus’ elections at Lahore High Court. The court is expected to announce the hearing date soon.

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