SU creates 200 PhDs, 300 MPhil holders in four years

KARACHI: A delegation of CSS officers who recently successfully completed their training in Pakistan Civil Services Academy Lahore visited the University of Sindh Jamshoro along with Director of the Academy Pervaiz Abbas and met the Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. Nazir A. Mughal and other officials of the varsity in a ceremony held in their honour in the Senate Hall of Administration Building here on Wednesday.

Addressing the CSS officers who qualified the examination in 2011 and freshly completed their administrative and professional trainings from Pakistan Civil Services Academy Lahore, the vice chancellor Professor Dr. Nazir A. Mughal congratulated them for their success, saying if the young officers of civil services rendered their services honestly and according to their conscious, the corruption will definitely be rooted out one day in the national institutions which will cause the smooth running of the system as well as government.

He said that the bureaucrats had to take every possible effort to ameliorate the condition of poor masses living especially in rural areas of the country adding that the root cause of offense is the behaviours including social inequality and injustices.

“It is the duty of civil servants to ensure justice, social equality amongst the people in their jurisdictions”, Dr Mughal stressed.

Terming the service to community one of the imperative tiers, he said: gone is the time when universities would only teach and award the degrees as according to him, the community service has now taken the place of third tier.

He further said that the SU succeeded to touch the sky by producing 200 PhDs and 300 MPhil in the last 4 years which increased the status of the varsity in ranking, adding that the universities could not get their objectives until research therein was not conducted.

Quoting the US research scholars, he told that they didn’t know even about plagiarism but in Pakistan according to him, the plagiarism still existed and fully exercised.

In reply to a query, Dr. Mughal said: “The literacy rate in Sindh in comparison to Punjab is very low and the students from Sindh province don’t concentrate on the English language which is a major barrier for them to compete in CSS examinations.”

“I have interviewed many scholars/ students in USA when I was Dean, International Students in a university there, I found Sindhis to be weak in English and thus they escape without getting even degrees”, he recalled.

Earlier, Professor Ghulam Ali Buriro gave a brief presentation to the officers about the Sindh province, its culture and University of Sindh.

Among others, Deputy Commissioner Jamshoro Sohail Latif Bachani, Registrar SU Ghulam Mohammad Bhutto, Dr. Siraj ul Haq Kandhro, Prof. Saeed Ahmed Mangi, Director Finance SU Mushtaq Ahmed Memon.

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