Thar situation disturbs JI

Karachi: Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Syed Munawar Hasan has expressed deep grief and shock over the death of hundreds of children in Thar because of the indifference of the federal and the Sindh governments and the acute shortage of food and drinking water and in the area.

In a statement issued from Mansoora, he said this was a fit case for registering murder cases against the rulers who had celebrated the Sindh Festival only last month and squandered billions on fun and merriment in an attempt to revive Sindh’s ancient culture while thousands to people in the province were starving.

The JI chief noted that the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and former President Zardari had, while jointly inaugurating the Thar Coal project, made tall claims of Sindh’s development when thousands of people in the area remained without food and drinking water.

He appreciated the suo moto notice taken by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court on the death of over one hundred children and expressed the hope that the apex court would bring the rulers to the dock to meet the call of justice.

He said the residents of Thar were compelled to live at below animal level only because the selfish and corrupt politicians had deprived them of basic needs including food, education and health, The majority in the interior Sindh was at the mercy of Vaderas and feudal lords and was awaiting some messiah to improve their lot.

Under the circumstances, he said, besides the federal and the provincial governments, the welfare bodies and patriotic NGOs should visit the area and extend every possible help and assistance to the people and save their lives.

He also directed the JI workers and the Al-Khidmat Foundation to spare no efforts for providing help and assistance to the needy in the area.

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