US, India will try to sabotage talks: JI

KARACHI: Ameer, Jamaat-e-Islami, Pakistan, Syed Munawar Hasan, said on Friday that the US and India wont silently watch Islamabad’s talks with the Taliban and would try their best to sabotage the process.

Addressing a congregation at Mansoora mosque, he stressed upon the religious parties in the country to forge unity in their ranks and immediately set up a committee to monitor the talks.

Hasan said it was essential to disown the elements who believed that Shariah could be enforced through gun. The Shariah, he said, be enforced only through the implementation of the teachings of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah.

He said there was no difference of opinion in regard to the enforcement of the Shariah although there could be differences about the mode of its enforcement, and a way out could be found through consultation and mutual understanding.

The JI chief urged the religious parties to hold seminars, conferences and public meetings under the supervision of the Wafaqul Madaris so that the government did not get a chance to give an impression that the Taliban only understood the language of guns. He said that political terrorism in the region had cropped up only due to the US interference and it had given birth to armed terrorism.

Hasan said that the religious parties’ committee should guide the Taliban and to present the correct viewpoint about the Shariah. He said that Wafaq ul Madaris should not only monitor the talks but also play its role in removing the confusion and to avoid deadlock, with the ultimate goal of ending terrorism and restoration of peace.

Hasan said that the unity of the religious parties was also essential to effectively counter the propaganda from the pro- India secular lobby in the media and for support to talks process. He said that the use of gun only resulted in deaths and did not help in saving the lives and operation had never helped solve any issue but had instead given rise to several new problems.

Later, while talking to the media men, the JI chief said that the MQM leader Altaf Husain was facing threats from his own party and not from international powers, and remarked that those who introduced the culture of target killings and dead bodies stuffed in gunny bags, were now facing the same end.

To a question, he said that the victimization of the Islamic leadership in Bangladesh had full backing from New Delhi, and urged upon the Pakistan government to take up the matter at the international court of justice in order to end the repression and tyranny by BD Prime Minister’s Haseena Wajid’s oppression which was a violation of the 1974 agreement between Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

He said that situation in Bangladesh was getting worse day by day and world community should play its role in saving the BD people from the present crisis.

He said that a high level JI delegation had called on Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in Islamabad on Thursday and presented him a copy of the 1974 agreement wherein the three parties had agreed to end all cases of war crimes. He hoped that the Prime Minister would step up efforts for building up the world opinion for the implementation of the pact by all the parties.

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