Masood Khan urges solidarity among diaspora for better Pak-US relations

Pakistan’ s Ambassador to the United States Masood Khan urges solidarity among diaspora for better Pak-US relations.

Addressing a gathering of Pakistani-American community at Pakistan Farm House in Maryland, he said diaspora making Pakistan proud with their successes.

The Ambassador while highlighting the achievements of Pakistani diaspora in their professional as well as in political lives said that the successes of Pakistani community make the people of Pakistan proud.

Masood Khan said the community could serve as a bridge between Pakistan and the United States and hailed the valuable contributions being made by Pakistani diaspora in a range of business and economic activities.

On Pak-US relations, he said that efforts were afoot to further strengthen Pak-US relations and to promote cooperation in all possible areas of mutual interest.

On a question about Jammu and Kashmir, the Ambassador said that Pakistan continues to work at all platforms including the United Nations for the right to self-determination of the Kashmiris.

Source: Radio Pakistan