OIC chief calls for extending aid to Rohingya refugees as monsoon rains hit Cox’s Bazar

Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Dr. Yousef Othaimeen called on the international community to extend the necessary support and urgent humanitarian assistance to thousands of displaced Rohingya living in camps in Cox's Bazar and Kutupalong in Bangladesh.

Al-Othamieen made the call following heavy monsoon rains that have been pounding these camps for nearly a week, resulting in massive destruction of more than 6,000 homes despite tireless efforts exerted by humanitarian workers and international agencies on the ground to repair and rehabilitate these houses and mitigate the negative impact of this tragedy.

The OIC Secretary General noted that the monsoon season is only halfway and more torrential rains are expected compared to those recorded in 2018, saying that there is a vital need for the international community to come forward and assist Rohingya living in camps in Bangladesh.

Source: International Islamic News Agency