Over 4,000 inspection tours on food facilities in Madinah

Madinah Regional Municipality Secretary Eng. Mohammed bin Abdulhadi Alomari announced that the municipality has dedicated all its resources to serving Hajj pilgrims. It has devised a plan for Hajj 2018 which includes 4,073 inspection tours on food and health facilities.

He assured that the municipal services will meet the needs of the pilgrims in the city of the Prophet (Madinah). The inspection tours have concentrated their efforts on food facilities which have reached 1,222 facilities which has received increased demand during Hajj, such as kitchens, restaurants, hotels, fast-food restaurants and meat shops. He also noted the efforts exerted to periodically inspect gas stations, service centers, rest houses alongside highways connecting Makkah with Madinah.

He also noted that as part of the Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs' directives to concentrate efforts during Hajj 2018, enhance the quality of services provided, and ensure the safety of pilgrims, there will be a routine daily inspection plan as well as scheduled visits carried out by the municipality in accordance with a program built on degree of danger and compliance with health rules and regulations. In addition, it includes the application of HACCAP and ISO 22000 on kitchens, food factories, hotels, gas stations, service centers, and rest houses.

He then proceeded to announce that cleaning crews will routinely carry out cleaning duties every day in public places and neighborhoods to ensure cleanliness and environmental sanitation. These activities will be concentrated on areas surrounding the Prophet's mosque and Islamic and historical sites, which receive a high volume of visitors. There will be 3,874 cleaning crew members, supervisors, inspectors, and drivers. Moreover, there will also be 383 types of machinery including large and small compressors, brooms, and vacuums, and 119 inspectors and 34 cars to concentrate on combatting public health issues.

Source: International Islamic News Agency