Buksh Foundation making inroads in microfinance initiatives

LAHORE: Buksh Foundation is making inroads in empowering women in Pakistani society. The foundation has made massive impact in strengthening and uplifting the status of women in the society.

Since inception, the Foundation has focused on female empowerment and has made its impact in generating projects focused on enhancing women’s participation through the usage of technology, leadership skills, education and income generating activities. The main focus is on female empowerment and social women enterprise.

Buksh is the first microfinance institution of the country to come up with the idea of providing clean energy loans in 2011, with objectives of fulfilling the energy needs of small female enterprises and those women living in the rural areas of Pakistan. The Foundation’s most talked about project Lighting a Million Lives focuses on females of the society, hence enabling them to become the leading part of the society through community mobilizations, technical and business trainings

Fiza Farhan CEO Buksh Foundation said: “Women are at the core of all our projects. We make female leaders and entrepreneurs who are financially strong and confident about themselves. We do this by mentoring them and providing them the opportunities for generating additional income, and assisting the whole community in performing their business related tasks, hence these women grow and learn exponentially and also set examples for others”

Creation of female micro-entrepreneurs through micro finance lending program gained a lot of acclaim by national and international organizations. The foundation enabled women to take charge of their lives by creating entrepreneurs. Thehese females have become beauticians, vegetable and fruit hawkers, tailors and snack food vendors and many more. Creation of entrepreneurs lead to 326% increase in income, 210% increase in savings and 120% extra

Asim Buksh Chairman Buksh Foundation said: “Buksh Foundation has always aimed at uplifting the status of females as they are the oppressed members of the society needing more attention. We believe empowering women to participate fully in economic life to build stronger economies, achieve goals for development and sustainability, and improve the quality of life for women, their families and the community.”

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