CNG filling stations in trouble

Lahore: CNG sector leader Ghiyas Abdullah Paracha has said that CNG filling stations have been kept closed since seven months pushing many operators to bankruptcy therefore they are unable to deposit any additional amount which has been declared illegal by the Apex court.

SNGPL has issued notices to the CNG operators in Punjab to deposit GIDC amount within 24 hours so that the company could consider resuming supply of natural gas which is crude form of extortion, he said in a statement. Paracha said that GIDC has been declared illegal by the Supreme Court therefore government has decided to make a law in this regard.

For the purpose a session of the National Assembly has been summoned on May 18th but SNGPL was quick to issue notices a day before the session which is amazing. Rejecting the demand of SNGPL, he said SNGPL has been blackmailing CNG sector on behest of some influential which will not be tolerated.

The gas utility is too much concerned about its profit and welfare of the shareholders at the cost of businesses which will be not allowed under any circumstances, he said. He demanded of the government to take note of the highhandedness and immediately reopen CNG stations in Punjab unconditionally.

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