Farmers’ prosperity guarantees development

LAHORE: Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has said that the development of agriculture and the prosperity of the farmers were the guarantee of the development and prosperity of the country.

He said that the rule of the Kisans in the country would mean liberation from the slavery of IMF and the World Bank.

He was addressing a Kisan convention organized by the Kisan Board Pakistan (KBP) at Mansoora auditorium, on Saturday. JI deputy chief Mian Mohammad Aslam and KBP chief Sadiq Khan Khakwani were also present.

Sirajul Haq said that the system based on exploitative was continuing in the country and had shattered the nation’s dreams of national development and progress. He said the country’s development largely depended on agriculture as almost 70 per cent of the population was directly or indirectly linked with agriculture.

He said that Japan, a small and backward country, had reached the heights of development simply because of an honest leadership whereas Pakistan, a country having vast resources was facing problems of poverty and backwardness because of corrupt and dishonest leadership.

The JI chief wondered why the people in Thar were dying out of hunger if the government had sufficient stocks of wheat.

He said the JI was launching a movement for the Rule of the Kisans in the country with the aim to seek the farmers support for getting rid of the ruling elite.

He also stressed upon the masses to stop feeding the serpents by voting them to power again and again and instead, vote for the JI candidates who were known for their integrity and competence. The JI would develop a green and clean Pakistan with the active support of the farming community, he added.

Sirajul Haq said that even the workers of the political parties that remained in power time and again were oppressed and neglected. They were duped through catchy slogans and promised happy days head nut their lot had not improved so far. He said the JI was the voice of all these oppressed workers and the poor who had offered sacrifices for the country and the nation but had not got the fruit of their labour.

The JI chief said that the farmer worked hard throughout the year but did not get due reward for his labour. The government was reluctant to purchase the crop, and thus the exploitation of the growers continued.

He said that farmers in Khyber P. had suffered heavily from severe rain storms in recent weeks which had caused much harm but the government had not announced any relief for the farmers.

Sirajul Haq deplored that the Pakistan government had never raised voice at international level against India’ water aggression and had been persistently silent on this important issue. As a result, the farmers were not getting sufficient water for irrigation and the area under cultivation had also been reduced considerably.

It was tragic, he said, that whereas India was planning to turn this country into a desert, the Pakistani rulers were keen to promote trade with that country and import potatoes and onions from here.

He said the Indian farmer were well off because their government was providing them electricity on nominal, the farm to market roads were in good condition and the Indian farmer was not being exploited at any stage.

He said that import of agricultural produce from India was a clear conspiracy to destroy Pakistan’s agriculture. However, he said if the Pakistani farmers were given facilities equal to those available to the Indian farmer, our farmer could yield much better produce.

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