FBR Union threatens to close all RTOs for indefinite period

LAHORE: The FEDERAL REVENUE ALLIANCE EMPLOYEES UNION, in emergent meetings held simultaneously at Lahore Regional Tax Office (RTO), Sialkot RTO, Sukkhar RTO, and Faisalabad RTO, reacting strongly to the show cause notice for dismissal of the FBR Union central president, has unanimously passed a resolution against this illegal act of the FBR management and threatened to go on strike for unlimited period.

The FBR Union executive bodies of several RTOs have sent the copies of resolution to the concerned chief commissioners, warning them to refrain from taking anti-workers step and withdraw the notice otherwise the staff of whole FBR will go on strike, closing the each and every tax office all over the country.

The spokesperson of the Union stated that rest of the Regional Tax Offices of Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Bahawalpur and Quetta Customs have also called the meetings on Wednesday (today) in this regard to condemn the illegal show cause of the management against Union President MIAN ABDUL QAYYUM, which, in fact, is aimed at sabotaging union’s struggle for workers welfare.

He said that if this act of anti-worker is not stopped the protest will be extended to all over the country. He informed that Union’s Lahore region general secretary Shehzad Khurshid and president Syed Naeem Abbas have submitted the resolution with the Chief Commissioners Inland Revenue, RTO, Lahore, Sialkot and Sukkhar. And the same resolution will be presented by the union’s regional leaders to Inland Revenue’s other 11 regional offices heads across the country.

The spokesperson said that FBR UNION, under the leadership of MIAN ABDUL QAYYUM, is not only working for the cause of lower staff of the tax department but also endeavoring for the enhancement in tax collection by digging out corruption of billions of rupees.

“The central president always raised the voice against tax evasion of several big companies, including so-called non-resident companies, which were evading tax of billions of rupees for a long time in connivance with FBR’s own high officials. The crime of the union is just attempting to make the FBR a transparent tax collecting agency but the officials, having some vested interests, do not want this transparency.”

The spokesperson said that the union president MIAN QAYYUM, has also criticized the recently-announced FBR reward scheme, which was virtually limited to Islamabad board office.

He vowed that union, under the leadership of MIAN ABDUL QAYYUM, will continue struggle for the cause of workers and field staff, who actually make revenue target possible by their efforts, besides pointing out the revenue leakage due to corrupt officers.

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