Govt is aware of business community’s problems

LAHORE: Governor Punjab Malik Mohammad Rafique Rajwana on Saturday said the government is aware of the problems of the business community which would be resolved soon. He said that vibrant private sector of Pakistan is engine of the growth which will be given all the facilities as its importance cannot be undermined.

Rajwana said this while talking to a delegation of UBG led by its Chairman Iftikhar Ali Malik, President FPCCI Mian Idrees, Senator Ilyas Bilour, FPCCI presidential candidate Abdul Rauf Alam, SM Naseer, Malik Sohail and others were present on the occasion.

The governor said that government had achieved a lot during last two years. Pakistan has embarked on the path of high growth economy and was heading towards a bright future, he said. He said that the government had achieved almost all of the objectives while successfully meeting the challenge of extremism, terrorism and the chronic energy shortages.

The Governor said that difficult decisions on vital national matters were now being taken with consensus, adding that huge investment was pouring in the energy sector and several new projects were in the pipeline.

He mentioned the projects in solar, hydel, coal and nuclear, besides the three new power generation plants that would be run with LNG. Tarbela is being upgraded, work on Dasu dam is in full swing and said country’s energy sector was growing robust with each passing day. He said the projects would enable the country to meet its energy needs for the next decade and expressed his optimism that loadshedding would end soon.

Malik Mohammad Rafique Rajwana said that he is personally against harassing the business community and that role of tax collectors should be minimised. He promised forward the concerns of business community over money laundering bill. He said that we cannot compete with rivals unless we provide opportunities to our business community. He also lauded the UBG for its democratic culture and offered all out support to them. Earlier, the representatives of business community informed the governor about their problems and sought his help to resolve issues.