Haris Manzoor wins laurels for Pakistan

Lahore: The laurels won by Haris Manzoor, has proved that Pakistani youth is capable to lead the world in every sphere of life. This young student has brightened the name of Pakistan at International forum and whole nation is proud his achievement.

These views were expressed by the President of Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry Engineer Sohail Lashari while talking to Haris Manzoor here at the LCCI on Monday. The LCCI Vice President Kashif Anwar was also present on the occasion.

The LCCI President said that government should patronize such intelligent students who earned respect for the whole nation. He said that we have to excel in education sector and government should spend more for this purpose as we were lacking far behind than other regional countries as far as literacy rate was concerned.

Engineer Sohail Lashari urged the government to allocate sufficient funds for the education sector in the Federal Budget 2014-15 as no country could find the milestone of progress & prosperity until and unless investment in education sector was not increased.

While stressing the need for investment in human capital and knowledge-based education, the LCCI President said that the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan should work with missionary zeal to facilitate the institutions of higher learning so they could serve as engine of socio-economic development of Pakistan.

He said that “Industry – University Linkage” is considered a vital instrument of growth that has direct and far reaching implications for the national economy. The concept has successfully evolved in the developed world and some developing countries have also made visible efforts to have this linkage working under institutionalized system. Necessity for this linkage is also being felt in Pakistan for quite some time but not much has been achieved.

He said that the researchers’ collaboration with local industry could improve the product and processes leading to decreased import of raw material and increased export of the finished products. The products and processes needing improvement should ideally be in priority areas relevant to national needs for socio-economic development of the country. The LCCI President also presented a cheque of Rs one lakh to Haris Manzoor as token of appreciation.

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