Involvement of media crucial to promote sustainable transport

Lahore : A sensitization seminar for media on transport sector and related issues was organized at PTV Centre in Lahore on 2nd November 2015 by IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature under the Pakistan Sustainable Transport (PAKSTRAN) Project that is funded by United Nations Development programme (UNDP)and Global Environment facility (GEF) and implemented by Ministry of Water and Power, Government of Pakistan.

The event aimed at effectively engaging electronic media to highlight the social, economic/developmental and environmental issues related to transport sector in Pakistan. It was attended by a select representatives of electronic media.

Speaking on the occasion, Mahmood Akhtar Cheema, Country Representative, IUCN Pakistan mentioned that IUCN as a partner in the PAKSTRAN project has initiated several activities to raise awareness about the issues related to transport sector in Pakistan, through adopting a strategic approach. He added that role of media is in raising the awareness is crucial to educate people about the concept of sustainable transport. Mr. Cheema added that enhanced awareness about sustainable transport is expected to eventually pave the way for planning and development decisions that are to be taken in Pakistan regarding sustainable urban transport concepts, thus influencing the achievement of PAKSTRAN’s objective.

Fauzia Bilquis Malik, Manager IUCN Islamabad Programme Office emphasized the importance of the role of electronic media in raising awareness on sustainable transport among masses. She emphasized on the reduction in emissions of Green Houses gases through improving sustainability among the transport sector is of extreme importance due to its large scale impact.