JI for fair polls to elect honest leadership

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Lahore: The Information Secretary of the Jamaat e Islami, Amirul Azeem, has said that the election of an honest and competent leadership was essential to pull the country out of the present mess.

Speaking at an Iftar dinner hosted by the Islami Jamait e Talaba, he said that that Pakistan was rich with resources of men and material but the corrupt leadership had driven the country towards destruction. The masses were facing numerous problems including price spiral, poverty and unemployment.

Amirul Azeem said that on one hand, our people remained hungry and thirsty while fasting to earn Allah’s pleasure but on the other hand, they elected dishonest and corrupt people as their leaders and voted them to power. He said, this hypocrisy must come to ne end.

He said during the last seventy years, the rulers had burdened the motherland with huge loans and each and every citizen was under heavy debt. These people had plundered the national wealth with both hands and built their personal bank accounts and empires while the masses were denied basic necessities of life.

He said it was time to create an awakening among the masses for electing the right and patriotic leaders otherwise the coming generations would have to face the consequences.

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