JI wants uphold of country’s Islamic ideology

LAHORE: Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has alleged that the government was negating the two nation theory by talking of a liberal Pakistan.

Addressing the central executive of the National Labour Federation here on Thursday, he said that it was nothing short of a tragedy that the Prime Minister, head of the party that created this country, was shattering into pieces, the two nation theory which gave birth to this country.

He said that the constitution titled this country as an Islamic Republic of Pakistan. He said that the Premier was talking o a liberal Pakistan on the US dictation.

Sirajul Haq counselled the Prime Minister not to utter things that were in conflict with the constitution. He recalled that some time back, the Prime Minister had stated that Pakistan and India had the same culture and that the borders between the two countries were unnecessary. Such statements were not befitting for the head of the Pakistan Muslim League that created this country, he added.

The JI chief said it was an irony that India was killing innocent Pakistani citizens in unprovoked cross border firing every day and Indian Premier Modi’s hostile attitude was the greatest obstacle in the regional peace. Hindu extremism was at its height and Indian Muslims were being forced to leave that country.

Sirajul Haq said that the JI wanted the government to abandon the idea of privatization of national institutions and instead pay due attention to strengthening these.

He said the JI did not believe in class war. However, he said at present, a war was going on between the tyrants and the oppressed. He said unfortunately, the forces of oppression and tyranny were united while the oppressed masses were divided. He said that the masses must unite against the oppressor industrialist and feudal lord. He said the elite had been controlling the institutions.

He said it was strange that while the number of the factories and mills of the industrialists was increasing, the huts of poor worker always faced starvation and desperation. However, he was sure that the system of injustice and exploitation could not last long now.

Meanwhile, the President of the Jamiat e Ulema, Pakistan, Maulana Abul Khair Dr Mohammad Zubair, and some other central leaders of the JUP, called on the JI chief at Mansoora.

The two leaders expressed grave concern over the conspiracies being hatched against the Islamic character of the country.

Earlier, the JI chief contacted chief of the Pakistan Muslim League (Functional) Pir Sadrud Din Shah Rashdi, Pir Pagara, and condemned the killings of the PML(F) workers during local bodies elections at Khairpur.