Maleeha calls on Siraj

Lahore: Pakistan’s new permanent representative at the United Nations, Dr Maleeha Lodhi, last evening, called on the Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Sirajul Haq, in Islamabad and exchanged views with him on the national and international situation.

The meeting was held at the residence of the JI deputy chief Mian Mohammad Aslam, at which JI foreign affairs chief Abdul Ghaffar Aziz, was also present.

At the call on, the JI chief impressed upon Dr Maleeha Lodhi to raise her voice in the UN against the publication of blasphemous caricatures in France that had led to widespread concern and anguish in the Muslim world, and also strive for putting this evil to an end. He said the world community must be made to realize that the blasphemy of the Noble Prophet (SAW) could not be tolerated at any cost and the UN must quickly move for legislation ensuring respect for all religions, the prophets (AS) of Allah and the revealed books in the interest of the world peace.

The JI chief further said that Palestine and Kashmir were the burning issues of the Muslim world as the Palestinians and Kashmiris had been undergoing worst form of tyranny and oppression for the last six decades and deserved immediate attention of the world body.

Dr Maleeha Lodhi assured the JI chief that she would utilize her full capabilities to inform the world community of the problems facing this country.

The JI chief greeted Dr Lodhi on her appointment for the challenging job and expressed good wishes for her.

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