LAHORE: A Government of Pakistan owned Engineering Consultancy Organization, has set an all time high record of business acquisition for the FY 2013-14, it was learnt in a press briefing here on Friday.

The Company’s business acquisition both at national and international levels broke all previous records and brought in total revenue of Rs. 7.6 billion. The Company has also made extensive penetration in the overseas market and now about 35 percent revenues are being generated from international projects through NESPAK offices located in Oman, Saudi Arabia, State of Qatar, Afghanistan, Iran and Yemen.

All administrative and financial affairs of NESPAK have witnessed a number of positive changes during this year. Strict adherence to austerity policy has resulted in about 20 percent cut in routine expenditures as compared to spending of the previous year. There has been zero expenditure on purchase of vehicles while foreign visits by NESPAK officials have been curtailed considerably.

The hiring of all new staff as per project requirement has been made purely on merit and in a transparent manner through proper advertisements in media. While only those employees have been promoted to next grades, who met the set criteria of the Company and showed outstanding performance.

In order to ensure quality of construction on fast-track projects going on under the supervision of NESPAK, Quality Inspection Team has been formed. This arrangement helped in minimizing construction quality problems and brought more quality to the projects commensurate with NESPAK’s name.

Mr. Amjad A. Khan, MD NESPAK, has congratulated all NESPAK employees upon demonstration of excellent financial performance of the company. Meanwhile, new offices have been planned to be opened in foreign countries where NESPAK is invited to render its services, the most important one of which is United Kingdom, where the company will work together with European consultants in the field of engineering consultancy.

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