No win, defeat of individuals: JI

Lahore: A spokesman of the Jamaat e Islami (JI) has said that there was no concept of victory or defeat of an individual in the election of the Ameer of the JI as these elections were totally different from the traditional or national elections.

The spokesman was clarifying the reports appearing in a section of the press that the election of Sirajul Haq was the defeat of Syed Munawar Hasan and Liaqat Baloch.

The spokesman said that in the JI, there was no candidate for the office of the Ameer, on his own. On the other hand, under the JI constitution, any individual having the least desire to be a candidate for the Ameer stood disqualified on this very ground.

He said that in accordance with the JI constitution, the JI central Shoora proposed three names for the top slot of the party for the guidance of the Arakan, who were the electoral college for the election of the Ameer. The three names were printed on the ballot paper in alphabetic order, however, the Arakan (Members) were at liberty to vote for any other JI leader or member. Since, no one was a candidate on his own, there was no question of defeat of any one.

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