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Lahore: The Punjab Assembly discussed the supplementary budget 2016-17 amid opposition lawmakers’ walkout against unwarranted remarks of a treasury lawmaker on Wednesday, observes Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN).

The Punjab Assembly met for two hours and three minutes. The sitting started at 1148 hours against the scheduled time of 1100 hours. The Deputy Speaker presided over the entire sitting. The Chief Minister did not attend the sitting. The Leader of the Opposition attended the sitting for 54 minutes.

The Finance Minister attended the sitting for an hour and 54 minutes. Thirteen lawmakers (4%) were present at the outset and 85 (23%) at the adjournment of the sitting. The parliamentary leader of PML-Z attended the sitting. Five minority members were present.

Eleven lawmakers – PTI (six), PML-N (five) – took part in General Discussion on Supplementary Budget for the year 2016-17 consuming an hour and 17 minutes of the proceedings.

The lawmakers spoke on ten Points of Order consuming 12 minutes of the proceedings. The opposition lawmakers protested against unwarranted remarks of a treasury lawmaker. The one-minute protest was followed by a walkout of lawmakers at 1339 hours and they did not return to the House till adjournment of sitting.

A PTI lawmaker pointed out the quorum at 1339 hours; however, it was completed after ringing the assembly bells for five minutes.

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