Punjab PA: Pre-Budget Debate Consumes 57 Percent of Sitting Time

Lahore: Starting 57 minutes behind the scheduled time, the Punjab Assembly on Thursday held pre-budget discussion for 57% (138 minutes) of the sitting time, say Free and Fair Election Network.

The sitting started at 1057 hours against its scheduled time of 1000 hours with 10 legislators (3%) present at the start and 15 (4%) at the time of its adjournment.

The Punjab Assembly met for four hours and three minutes. The sitting started at 1057 hours against the scheduled time of 1000 hours. The Speaker chaired the sitting for two hours and nine minutes while rest of the proceeding was presided over by the Deputy Speaker.

The Leader of the House was not present while the Leader of the Opposition attended the sitting for 62 minutes.

Ten lawmakers (3%) were present at the start and 15 (4%) at the end of the sitting. Only PPPP Parliamentary Leader was present. Two minority members attended the sitting.

Twenty lawmakers – PML-N (14), PTI (4), PML (2) – participated in pre-budget discussion for 138 minutes.

Six of the nine starred questions appearing on the agenda were taken up. In addition, lawmakers asked 16 supplementary questions.

A Question of Privilege raised by PML-N lawmaker against DCO Veharri was taken up.

Five adjournment motions were kept pending due to non-submission of their replies.

The entire Opposition staged protest within the House for 14 minutes after the Chair disallowed the Opposition Leader to submit AM about Panama Leaks.

Seven Points of Order consumed nine minutes of the sitting.