Stern action ordered against illegal parking

LAHORE: Additional Inspector General of Police (AIGP) Karachi/Traffic Ghulam Qadir Thebo has directed Karachi & traffic police personnel to ensure strict action against the elements running illegal parking and charging extra amount in the legalized parking.

He observed that a large number of illegal parking had surfaced in various areas of Karachi, especially in old areas, which parking were not only causing hurdles in the smooth flow of traffic as they had been established mostly on the pavements of main thoroughfares but had also become a liability on the revenue source of the government. He issued directives that the elements running such illegal parking should be booked under relevant laws and challanned.

“Apart from action against illegal parking, those elements should also be taken to task who are charging extra amount from the motorists in legalized parking in the city. They are fleecing the people and bringing a bad name for the Govt. agencies that have to monitor the working of these licensed parking. No leniency should be shown while prosecuting these elements who area either involved in running illegal parkings or charging extra amount from the general public in legalized parking,” he maintained.

AIGP Karachi further said that since Eid-ul-Fitar is fast approaching, rush of people will increase around shopping centers and commercial markets and this situation is likely to result in worst traffic jams around such places. He added with the remarks that in order to avoid the expected traffic jams during Eid shopping days”, the local police should make elaborate arrangements around shopping centers and commercial markets with the coordination of traffic police so that people could be saved from being stuck up in traffic jamming.

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