USA should extend economic cooperation to war torn Pakistan: Abdul Basit

Lahore: Former Chairman of Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA) Abdul Basit has said that Pakistani government should urge the US government to extend economic cooperation to Pakistan who has bearded huge loss in war against terrorism.

In a statement issued here, Abdul Basit said that visit of US President to India from January 25 was enough to prove Pakistan was not priority of United States. Therefore, Pakistani government should review its policy.

Abdul Basit said that government should convince the US Administration to grant same facilitation to Pakistan what it is providing to India particularly in the field of Civil Nuclear Technology.

He said that in the recent years, the shortage of energy has emerged the biggest impediment to the economic revival and pushed the country to wall as far as industrial productions and new investment are concerned.

He said that had the United States given Pakistan the facilitation regarding the usage of civil nuclear technology for power generation, the situation in Pakistan would have been quite encouraging. The unemployment and the law and order situation would not have been so bad what it is today.

The energy issues kept hostage the entire economic activity in the last many years, neither any considerable local investment was seen in this otherwise resourceful country, nor any foreigner put his money in any new venture in Pakistan.

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