Fuel Consumption Policy should be formulated and Pakistan should become active member of international fuel conservation forums, Shoaib Ashfaq Qureshi

Lahore: The Federal Government should formulate National Fuel Consumption Policy in consultation with the stakeholders in the public and private sectors and implement it in the right earnest through appropriate measures in order to ensure increasing consumption of petroleum products is checked and brought under control to reduce the oil import bill to the maximum extent possible.

This was stated by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Shoaib Ashfaq Qureshi of private concern, Future Technologies, which imports and distributes foreign technology based fuel saving gadget Panther with the claim that it gives up to 25 per cent saving in consumption of petrol, diesel and CNG when put in use without compromising the mileage required to be undertaken, while talking to a group of media people here Thursday.

He said that the country’s import bill was gradually increasing due to various reasons mainly being its enhanced usage of petroleum products in the vehicles and there was dire need for adoption of fuel saving measures both in the public and private sectors to keep petrol, diesel and CNG consumption at the lowest level possible.

Shoaib Ashfaq Qureshi said that the people were generally depending on the govt. for reduction in the petrol prices but with dollar going up and continuous increase in the consumption of POL products and wrong customers knowledge, the desired results were not going to be achieved.

For checking and controlling ever-increasing consumption of POL products in the country, the Future Technologies CEO suggested that awareness through proper campaigns should be created among the customers about right car for the right pocket (income) , shared vehicle travelling, right engine size and due stress on all measures which lead to increase in the vehicles mileage. He said as a matter of fact, problem was not CNG, it was the customer’s awareness. He emphatically stated that we need to address the people for the right approach to achieve economy for their vehicles use.

Shoaib Ashfaq Qureshi while stressing the adoption of the international standardization and Pakistan’s becoming an active member of various international fuel consumption forums said that a number of countries around the globe including neighbouring India, China, USA, Canada, European Union, Japan, South Korea have adopted fuel saving measures for varying long and short periods and enjoying desired benefits. He said Pakistan can learn from their experiences regarding fuel saving measures.

Replying to questions from the media people and number of visitors who had dropped in to make queries about fuel saving gadget which gives saving up to 25 per cent in fuel consumption, he said that he had made presentations last year regarding this innovative gadget to the Ministry of Industries at their invitation and the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as various other public forums. He said even after passage of many months and reminders, there has been no positive response from their sides in this regard.

In conclusion, he said that he is still willing to make presentations regarding fuel saving measures including the innovative Japanese technology based gadget to the Federal and Provincial Ministries and Departments and Chambers and Commerce and other organizations concerned provided they were interested in this regard and would be responding in due course of time.

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