Innovative art work of Jimmy creates sensations

Lahore: Renowned Pakistani artist, social crusader and peace activist Jimmy Engineer, has added yet another feather into his already bit heavy cap by creating 14 wonderful paintings using coffee beans.

These innovative creative paintings are on display in Bangkok, Thailand, starting 25 till May 1, 2014. Jimmy Engineer used 10 kilograms of coffee beans to create these paintings as part of a collaboration between Black Canyon Coffee and Chulalongkorn University Faculty of Art at the quite artistic initiative of founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Black Canyon Mr Pravit Chitnarapong who was full of admiration for the talent and paintings skills of the visiting prominent Pakistani artist.

Coffee on canvas art work of Jimmy Engineer , originally done in Bangkok within a matter of few days was initially displayed at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre on February 25. These inspiring paintings now continue to adorn the walls of the Black Canyon Coffee restaurant at the Convention Centre till May 1, 2014 . These coffee beans integrated paintings were being viewed and appreciated by hundreds of visitors there daily.

According to a message received here from Bangkok where Jimmy Engineer had gone on couple of weeks goodwill visit to create coffee beans integrated paintings and then to participate in the inaugural display of his innovative art work, Pakistani artist enjoying international reputation and fame said this project, which he had quite successfully and impressively accomplished to the great appreciation by many including Mr Pravit Chitnarapong, was an abstract art exhibition “ which was inspired by the aim to make a difference in lives in society”. He said further “Each art work uses spray paint to create the vivid colours along with the main subject. It’s the first time that I have ever used coffee beans to be integrated with my art work and I really enjoyed it. “

Continuing, Jimmy Engineer said that the project was a great experience for him given that it was the outside the area he usually works on. “As an artist you always need to be able to stretch your imagination. I really appreciate all the hospitality and kind arrangements from all parties for making this project possible. Art is the universal language. I always create what I feel at that moment”.

He said that he has donated the art work created by him for this imaginative project to Black Canyon. Pravit had greatly admired Jimmy Engineer’s generosity for this donation.

Print and electronic media of Thailand in all languages has been giving good coverage to Jimmy Engineer’s coffee beans integrated paintings and other activities in Bangkok.

This was Jimmy Engineer’s second solo art show in Bangkok while the first exhibition of prints of his selected art work was held there just couple of months back.

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