JI Shoora concerned over Karachi situation, privatization

LAHORE: The central Shoora of the Jamaat-e-Islami has expressed deep concern over the continuing lawlessness, target killing, extortion and abductions for ransom in Karachi and demanded indiscriminate action against those involved in these crimes.

A resolution adopted by the JI Shoora at its meeting, said that in spite of ongoing targeted operation, scores of people were being killed in the port city daily on ethnic or sectarian grounds.

The Shoora however said that the long term solution of the Karachi situation lay in respect for the true mandate of Karachiites as the May 11 elections in Karachi were crossly rigged.

Through another resolution, the JI Shoora called upon the government to withdraw its decision to privatize important state institutions in the larger national interest.

The JI Shoora apprehended that there were plans to rig the local bodies elections in Karachi with the help of bogus voters lists and the recently passed Act under which all the powers had been given to the provincial government instead of the local bodies.

The delimitations had been made according to the sweet will of the ruling party in order to get desired results through the panel system, it said.

The Shoora welcomed the Sindh High Court decision annulling the delimitations and the panel system on the JI petition. However, it called for fresh delimitations without delay and holding local bodies polls.

The Shoora called for transfer of powers to the lower level, holding local bodies polls under the judiciary’s supervision, deployment of army at polling stations, elimination of No Go areas in the port city to enable all the parties to move about in the mega city freely and peacefully. It also demanded exposing the political affiliations of the target killers and the killers of the police officers, besides immediate arrest of all those released on parole.

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