NESPAK signs CBA Union’s Charter of Demands

LAHORE: A Charter of Demands (CoD) has been signed between NESPAK Management and NESPAK CBA Union here on Thursday. The approval has sent a wave of happiness among all employees of NESPAK, who are overjoyed after the acceptance of their demands in the form of increase in various allowances and monthly pay.

NESPAK CBA Union leaders and employees have thanked Mr. Amjad A. Khan, Managing Director NESPAK and the Management for promptly addressing their grievances when high inflation rate has made it difficult to keep body and soul together.

As per approved Charter of Demands, increases have been made in house rent, utility allowance, technical/administrative allowance, various other allowances and transportation allowance in the form of additional 10 liters of petrol. A number of policy matters and grants have also been revised with better prospects for NESPAK employees.

Speaking on the occasion, NESPAK Managing Director has said that approval of CoD was right of employees and decision was made in accordance with the NESPAK policy after due deliberations. He said that now it is the responsibility of staff to work hard and make NESPAK the most profit earning entity of Pakistan.

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