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QUETTA: Opposition leader in Balochistan Assembly Maulana Abdul Wasay JUI has said that provincial Chief Minister Dr Abdul Malik Baloch has become disqualified for violating Constitution of Pakistan by giving statements to please West and anti Pakistan forces. Speaker Assembly should send a reference to Election Commission in this regard or we would approach the court.

He said this at a Press conference after assembly session here Saturday. He was flaked by ANP Parliamentary leader Zamrak Achakzai and others.

He aid when we are elected we take oath under the constitution that we would protect Constitution of Pakistan, ideologies and law. But Balochistan Chief Minister gave a statement for pleasing West and anti Pakistan elements has seriously violated the constitution. Owing to his statement Dr Malik Baloch stands disqualified as Chief Minister and membership of House.

He said this country was liberated in the name of Islam and democracy. There is no secularism in the country but Islam would prevail. Any member of person who violates this would violate Constitution and ideology of Pakistan. Under this context Chief Minister of Balochistan has violated Constitution of Pakistan.

We demand of Speaker Balochistan Assembly to send a letter to election Commission for disqualification of Chief Minister or we would approach the court.

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