Navigational endoscopic sinus surgery performed

Karachi: Senior Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon Dr Fasihullah Mir on Monday performed a navigational endoscopic sinus surgery first time in history of Pakistan at Dr Fasih’s ENT & General Hospital Karachi.

The navigational system used is of Karl Storz, the world leading German company in medical equipment. The surgery was performed on A Rehman, who has been suffering from extensive fungal polyposis of the sinus. This is for the first time that endoscopic sinus is being performed with Storz navigational system in the country.

This system allowed the surgeon to be very precise and accurate which helps in locating the level and depth of the instrument thereby reducing complications in the vital structures of the skull base, brain, and the eye, which are associated with paranasal sinus surgery.

Dr Fasih said navigational system is a breakthrough and of extremely important in skull base surgery and it is for the first being used in Pakistan. He said patient’s radiological imaging like CT scan is fed into the system to service as a real time map locating the depth of the instruments with 0.25 mm accuracy with the use of high end cameras allowed for extremely sinus surgery increasing the success rate of sinus surgery.

He said with navigational sinus surgery like endoscopic sinus surgery there is no external incision, the normal anatomical opening of the sinuses are preserved which allow for better results than the other method used in the past.

He informed that there is almost no bleeding with navigational sinus surgery. The extremely minimal and precise nature of surgery allowed by Storz navigational system eliminates postoperative pain making, he added. It is a pain free procedure.

He said it is of great economic benefit everyone and patients can resume work within 3 day after the procedure. He said navigational surgery systems foundation has been laid today for the first in the country.

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