Onion prices register increase

ISLAMABAD: A high increase was registered in the price of onions that went up from 40 per kg to 51 in a month a 28% hike. Potato prices also went up 15% while those of tomatoes, which registered a hike of 84% last month, went down 20% says a Free and Fair Election FAFEN report released on Tuesday.

FAFEN governance monitors visited 170 retail outlets in 92 districts in August 2013. The data showed a decrease in fruit prices as Ramazan came to an end, the highest decrease being registered in the price of golden apples that went down 23%, dark red apples 18% and bananas 5%.

Price decrease was also observed for some pulses, chickpeas, gram pulse 2% each, washed moong pulse and washed masoor pulse 1% each while others registered increase; black gram 4%, red beans 2%, washed mash pulse and white beans 1% each.

Prices of poultry also went up with broiler chicken meat increasing 9%, broiler chicken live 8% and an increase of 1% for eggs. Of the rice varieties, irri6 price increased 5% while basmati386 and basmati broken went down 1%. Though the price of wheat grain increased 2%, that of what flour remained unchanged and of plain chapatti decreased 2%.

Other cooked items, however, registered increase; a plate of vegetables 4%, a plate of dal 4%, a plate of beef 2% and a cup of hot tea 1%. As for spices and condiments, a 6% increase was for ginger while salt went up 2% and garlic 1%. However, turmeric and mustard oil prices decreased 5%. Among sweeteners, only the price of gur went up 3% while that of sugar and desi shaker remained unchanged.

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